Vermicomposting Units/Humus Ecology Filters

These systems act a little like compost heaps where solid wastes collect and are degraded by the resident worm population whilst the liquids filter through to a collection area below. Generally the level of treatment is of a high primary standard, but some systems achieve a secondary level of treatment.

Vermicomposting system

Vermicomposting system


  • Some systems well accepted by council (other systems may not be)
  • Probably cope better than other systems with a garbage grinder and even some chemical use
  • Produce a reasonable quality effluent
  • Low (or even no) power consumption
  • Can be quite compact units
  • Can be used with drip irrigation (some systems)


  • Poor nutrient reduction (nitrogen/phosphorous) (may be OK or even a benefit if water is used appropriately in a low-sensitivity receiving environment)

2 Responses to Vermicomposting Units/Humus Ecology Filters

  1. Kepa Morgan says:

    Kia ora Craig
    Building on the Island and installing Biolytic system with super low flush toilets and water saving fixtures. Will advise on effectiveness once installed.
    Mauri ora

  2. fra99le says:

    Kia ora Kepa
    Please do keep us informed. Are the low flush toilets and water saving fixtures due to a constraint on the disposal area available or a choice to save water?
    Ka kite anō

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