Craig Brown is accepted as an author of producer statements by a number of councils, including Auckland Council (author number 2251), the Waikato Building Consent Group (registration number 0402) and several others which don’t maintain registers. We can register with your council as required.

Craig has attended the following courses and obtained the following qualifications from the Centre for Environmental Training (a leading provider in the onsite wastewater industry in Australasia):

  • Site and Soil Assessment for On-site Wastewater Management System Design

Site and soil assessment certificate Site and soil assessment topics

  • Inspection Servicing and Maintenance of On-site Wastewater Management Systems

Inspection, servicing and maintenance certificate Inspection, servicing and maintenance topics

  • Hydraulics and Irrigation for On-site Wastewater Management

Hydraulics and irrigation certificate Hydraulics and irrigation topics

In terms of higher education, Craig Brown has an MSc in Occupational Psychology and a PGDip in Health Ergonomics. He taught Ergonomics at Massey University (developing the field of Eco Ergonomics and gaining book chapter and academic journal publications and an invited presentation at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society New Zealand) and has been a facilitator on the Sustainable Living Course held on Waiheke Island. He also consults in the field of sustainability, for example being lead author of this research for the Ministry for the Environment.

In addition Craig Brown regularly attends conferences, talks and events in the water, wastewater and sustainability fields. He gave a presentation to the Sustainability Society on a sustainable water supply for Auckland. Craig Brown has presented papers on greywater recycling to the NZ Waters and Wastes Association, On Site and NZ Land Treatment Collective conferences. He has presented papers about on-site water, wastewater and greywater systems in urban areas to conferences of the NZ Land Treatment Collective and Building Officials Institute of New Zealand and has had a number of articles about wastewater and greywater published in Water NZ journal and the Plumbers’ Journal.

Craig is also the originator of the Water Miles concept and Business Development Manager for ECOplus greywater recycling. He is a member of the following organisations: Water New Zealand, The Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand, The Sustainability Society, Engineers for Social Responsibility, The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand.

UPDATE October 2013
Recently Craig has been an expert witness on sanitation in the Environment Court and has contracted to Iwi groups for district plan submissions and hearings and Marae design work. Craig is working with Bay of Plenty Regional Council on a project to improve the sustainability and performance of Marae sanitation in the region. Craig has also been the design partner for the wastewater systems in the first two Living Building Challenge projects in New Zealand; for a tribal headquarters and an environment centre. The Living Building Challenge is “the built environment’s most rigorous performance standard”.

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