Greywater system design

CBC are able to design greywater reuse into your wastewater system. The benefits are:

  • reduced wastewater field size (20%)
  • often an extra bedroom is permissible (eg a 3 bed house on a 2 bed section)
  • saving water (around a third, or much more if used in place of drinking water in the garden)
  • reducing the load on your wastewater system

The drawbacks are:

  • you need to buy a greywater system (other systems and designs also possible)
  • as with any wastewater system there is a maintenance requirement
  • to obtain permission for a reduced wastewater field or for use of greywater in the garden requires a discharge permit


This is a free service as part of a wastewater report with CBC. To do a design specifically for greywater where there is an existing wastewater system in place (which does not need to be changed) typically costs about half the cost of a full wastewater system design report.

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