Scoping reports

Don’t waste money on a development that you later realise isn’t possible due to wastewater constraints…and don’t overlook a site that the agent says is only suitable for two bedrooms. Find out what is really possible before you invest in that section or those plans. Two sections the same size could have very different soils and physical constraints. Our scoping reports could well save you thousands by helping you to plan appropriately from the start.

We’ve set the price as low as we can for this report to encourage people to consider wastewater at the beginning rather than the end of their project. Clever design could overcome any tricky obstacles you face, but you need to know what your situation is before you spend $$$ on your architect. You don’t want to site the house on the only suitable piece of land for wastewater disposal. Go on, get a scoping report for peace of mind!


The report will vary depending on what your questions are, however we might help you identify issues surrounding the type of system you choose and why, the number of bedrooms you can have and what plumbing restrictions there might be (can you/should you have a bath, a garbage grinder, a high-powered shower; what about water recycling or composting toilets…). We’ll investigate the location of any sensitive receiving environments and other site constraints, consider the environmental benefits and issues associated with different options and also deal with any specific issues you are (or should be) interested in. We may either make an assumption as to soil type or take some preliminary measurements. It’s not possible to undertake a full soil assessment at this price, however if the outcome of the report is critically dependent on the soil assessment we will make this clear and suggest further investigation.


Typically just $575 plus GST

(And much of that is refundable towards a full wastewater report with CBC if you go on to make an application to council)

Contact us for a quote and a detailed proposal! Alternatively, we do scoping work for an hourly rate and work intelligently to consider the major issues before consulting further and proceeding to refine the analysis (hence you can avoid some of the cost in some situations)

Note: CBC has a policy of quoting a fully inclusive price and not charging extra for disbursements, additional work in response to council requests, etc. In most cases our fee is as advertised on this page and in all cases it is as quoted.
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