Soil type assessment

CBC can visit your site and take soil samples and perform tests to determine the soil type in terms of Auckland Regional Council’s Technical Publication 58 (TP58). Knowledge of the soil type is required to calculate the rate at which wastewater can be applied to your land and thus the area needed for a certain volume of wastewater.

This is not a geotechnical report. It covers only the soil type in relation to wastewater design. In some cases (e.g. possible slope instability or council requirement) a full geotechnical report will be required or you may already have a geotechnical report, in which case it is not usually necessary for us to do a soil assessment. Make sure that the report states the soil type in terms of TP58, so that CBC can use it for our design. We can liase with your geotechnical engineer to obtain this information.


Included in wastewater design report fees.

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