Wastewater System Design

This report is used to obtain consent from council for an onsite wastewater system. We endeavour to complete reports within 20 working days, subject to conditions.


Typically a report will contain the following:

  • Assessment/description of site characteristics. If there are stability issues a Geotechnical report will be needed (not included)
  • Type of system required
  • Assessment of adjacent systems (desk-based assessment)
  • Loadings – water use and for soil types (application rates)
  • Required level of treatment (depends on site constraints)
  • Design and location of land application/disposal system
  • Compliance for building consent and/or discharge consent
  • Assessment of environmental effects
  • Site plan
  • Liaising with system suppliers, other consultants and council as required
  • Responding to council queries and requests after submission of the report – there will be no additional fees for extra work required to obtain the consent, except in the case of new instructions from the client

Typical price for report to accompany building consent application (no discharge permit): $1800 plus GST

Price including discharge permit application: $3300 plus GST

Contact us for a quote and detailed proposal! Please note that additional fees may apply for travel beyond Waiheke Island and beyond the Auckland Region and also for commercial or multi-unit developments.

Note: CBC has a policy of quoting a fully inclusive price and not charging extra for disbursements or additional work in response to council requests. In most cases our fee is as advertised on this page and in all cases it is as quoted. These prices include a typical soil assessment and basic hydraulic analysis such as would apply in most cases, however occasionally they could be between 10% less and 10% more. The exception to this would be work that is not on Waiheke Island, which may include some additional travel costs, or work which is not for a single domestic dwelling. A fixed quote will be agreed prior to work commencing. The prices exclude work required after consent has been granted, e.g. oversight of installation and a producer statement, which is typically charged at an hourly rate, or if preferred a fixed fee negotiated in advance.

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