Aerated Wastewater Treatment System

An AWTS incorporates a septic tank, but also has a chamber where pumps are used to generate air bubbles. This chamber replaces the aerobic treatment which occurs in the soil in the standard septic tank system, meaning that the effluent produced is already of a higher standard. Whilst primary treated (septic tank) effluent cannot be irrigated using dripper lines, secondary treated effluent, such as from an AWTS, can be irrigated through drippers (note: several other systems also produce secondary, or advanced secondary, treated effluent).

Aerated Wastewater Treatment System

Aerated Wastewater Treatment System


  • Wide range of off-the-peg systems
  • ‘All-in-one’ packaged plants
  • Relatively economical to purchase
  • When operating well can produce a high quality effluent
  • Well accepted by council


  • Significant power consumption, expensive operation
  • Can be noisy
  • Maintenance can be costly (replacement pumps, etc)
  • Cope poorly with fluctuations in input (whether up or down) so less well suited to holiday homes, etc