Vermicomposting Units/Humus Ecology Filters

These systems act a little like compost heaps where solid wastes collect and are degraded by the resident worm population whilst the liquids filter through to a collection area below. Generally the level of treatment is of a high primary standard, but some systems achieve a secondary level of treatment.

Vermicomposting system

Vermicomposting system


  • Some systems well accepted by council (other systems may not be)
  • Probably cope better than other systems with a garbage grinder and even some chemical use
  • Produce a reasonable quality effluent
  • Low (or even no) power consumption
  • Can be quite compact units
  • Can be used with drip irrigation (some systems)


  • Poor nutrient reduction (nitrogen/phosphorous) (may be OK or even a benefit if water is used appropriately in a low-sensitivity receiving environment)